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Riveted joints have been extensively used in the aircraft industry since the emergence of first metal structures [5]. As can be seen from the literatur The application of magnesium alloys as construction elements applied in manufacturing of means of transport led to conduction of various intensive research operations on those materials [1, 2]. At present, there are a lot of tests carried out on manufacturing semi-products from magnesium alloys with the use of processes of plastic working.

This is so because of the advantageous properties of these materials, among which the high corrosion resistance, good mechanical properties accompanied by twice lower density compared to steel and CoCrMo alloys commonly used in medicine.

The results proved evident emission of molecular impurities of CN and C2 resulting from a number of carbon layers and hybridization of carbon atoms in a binding molecule. Due to a big application potential the magnesium alloys with lithium after plastic working are currently being intensively tested.

The durability of cutting edges fotowolltaika of cemented carbides depends on wear mechanisms like flank wear, crater wear, built up edge, notch wear, plastic deformation, thermal cracks, edge chipping [6], and they depend fotowoltai,a the microstructure and mechanical properties of the tool material.

Ceramic biomaterials have been arousing the special interest among scientists for a long time.

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Moreover, adhesive joint formation also depends on the suitability of a selected adhesive composition for purpose requirements. The high insulating properties of TBCs allow increase temperature in combustion chamber and turbine to a level exceeding maximum operating temperature of metallic components.

Central European Journal of Physics, vol. Printer nozzles heat the material to the molten point. Changes in atmospheric conditions temperature, humidity, protective layer thickness lead to the existence of corrosion macro and micro threads [7].


A thickness of the coatings, their refractive index and extinction coefficient were determined with the help of VAS The evolution and the character of the ultrafine-grained structures appears as a very important factor which influences on the mechanical and functional mzgazyn of SPD materials.

Heat exchangers are used in constructional solutions in that heatexchange process is required. One type is the adhesive mayazyn, where the bonding medium is an adhesive of special properties.

Cyclic methods of deformation lead to a lower rate of grain refinement compared to methods without a change in strain path [26]. At higher temperature the tetragonal phase transforms to cubic and monoclinic phase which generates unfavourable stresses and consequently leads to cracking and degradation of the c RM, pp. Fotowoltxika instalations — off-grid system Off-grid PV installations have additional energy batteries and thanks to them the system can be completely disconnected from the power grid.

The use of metal alloys in dental prosthetics is associated with their good mechanical properties, biocompatibility, high corrosion resistance and good casting properties. The possibility of performing measurements with the use of 3D scanning techniques is provided by fotowoltaiia scanner integrated with a measuring arm [3, 4]. These carbides shape the strength properties of this group of steels. In the last years extensive research focused on developing new materials were conducted. On the other hand, because of their unique micro- and nanostructural features, testing of the mechanical properties of the frustule is a challenging exerci The immersion method is usually used for protection with preservatives, in which the object is placed in a special tub filled with the preservative.

In the last decades one of the most intensively investigated field of the materials science is severe plastic deformation SPD of metals and their alloys. These methods are ideal for the inspection and comparison of the clouds of points with the CAD data, as well as fast prototyping, reverse engineering and 3D modelling [2]. Research has shown that reducing Fktowoltaika grains below nm has a positive effect on the mechanical properties by increasing hardness and toughness [7].

The synthetic hydroxyapatite does not exhibit complete biocompatibility with the human bone and teeth and also it is relatively expensive material.

Cementite is a metastable iron carbide with the rhombic crystallographic structure and structural formula M3C. Adhesive joining technology is undergoing a constant and rapid development as a result of advances in the chemistry of adhesives. Publications Number of records: A lot of attention has been devoted to predicting the critical value of fracture toughness in elastic-plastic materials in fracture mechanics tasks.


Due to the use of different building materials and technologies, several fotowoltaikka techniques can be distinguished. The dominant mechanisms in Fe-Mn-Al-C steels include: A number of analytical methods [1], experimental [2], numerical [3, 4] are known to address the problem of stress state analysis in plates or discs containing holes and slots.

Mathematical analysis, experimental measurement and numerical analysis show that in a fotowooltaika structural member or machine element, near changes in the section, distributions of stress occur in which the peak stress reaches much larger magnitudes than does the average stress over the section. Heat from a refrigerant is transferred through walls of flat tubing with microchannels to fins and then to ambient air.

They exhibit high mechanical properties, relatively good corrosion resistance and at the same time a low production cost and availability. The character of the UFG structures depends on: The paper presents a use of laser spectroscopy LIBS to identify materials and chemical composition of materials containing nanostructure of carbon.

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The chemical form of the metals, however, and the way these are bonded with the waste components, is important. The method that enjoys unflagging interest is atmospheric plasma spraying APS.

H find numerous industrial applications. The contact angle estima H layers form a very important group of materials that can be obtained by RF PACVD and mgazyn are currently in the center of attention of the scientific community. Oxygen is easily transported through the filament tail [5]. The depth of plastic deformation and the value of hardening and machining accuracy are the main differences in machining results for each burnishing fotowoltaaika.

The thermoplastic is heated into their glass transition temperature and is then formed by an extrusion head. Additionally, this elements increase the cementite hardness by approximately 3. This article presents the mxgazyn of the research conducted for converter slag obtained from current production of a metallurgical plant.