Use the SDLT3 form when the transaction involves more than one property. Fill in form SDLT1 and SDLT3 for each additional property. This note provides practical guidance on completing stamp duty land tax form SDLT1. Free Practical Law trial. To access this resource, sign up for a free, day. Press release from Inland Revenue – Form SDLT 1 – Land Transaction Return ( Inland Revenue)to be made available on the web.

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Enter the surname family name or the company name of purchaser 2. Skip to main content. Consideration other than cash must be valued at its full market value as at the effective date of the transaction.

You can enter up to 28 characters. If vendor 1 is a company or partnership, go to question Earlier dates will not be accepted. UK uses cookies to make the site simpler. Question 38 – vendor 1 address You must answer this question. If you answered the second part question 51 you also need to answer the third part of question You have 1 year from the filing date to amend your SDLT return and apply for a refund if, for example you need to make an election for:.

How to complete your Stamp Duty Land Tax SDLT1 return

HMRC reject returns that are filled in electronically but printed and posted, or printed and filled in by hand. Leave blank if the vendor is acting for themselves. Use one of the following codes.

If the transaction involves more than properties, complete a separate schedule for the rest of the properties. If the address of residence of purchaser 1 is not available show their contact address. Question 3 – interest transferred or created You must fotm this question using one of the following codes. Question 60 – to which address shall we send the certificate? You can correct minor errors by phone.


How to complete your Stamp Duty Land Tax SDLT1 paper return

Question 27 – where more than one property is involved, do you want a certificate for each property? You can enter up to 28 characters in this field. Make sure the number you provide is a valid VAT registration number, it should:.

Enter the appropriate local authority number. Question 19 – rent-free period You must answer this question if you entered code A or L at question 2. Do not answer this question if there is no VAT registration number, leave this field blank and go to question Enter values in whole pounds sterling. If the name of purchaser 2 is longer than sflt1 space provided, use abbreviations.

The effective date of the transaction can also be changed if the change does not mean the return was received before the transaction was completed. Question 47 – vendor 2 first name Only answer if vendor 2 is an individual.

SDLT – Form SDLT 1 to be available on the web – press release (Inland Revenue) | Practical Law

Where purchaser 2 is a bare trustee – a trustee with no independent authority acting on behalf of a beneficial owner, enter the beneficial owner. Chargeable consideration does not include rent in leases and rent in linked transactions. Enter the DX number on the first line and enter the exchange location followed by the exchange number on the second line, for example:. You must answer this question if purchaser 1 is represented by an agent. For an individual who does not have a permanent National Insurance number, enter one of the following: The table below shows you when you should complete supplementary forms.


Fill in an extra form for each lease. An option is to buy land sdkt1 a binding right granted by a landowner. It gives a prospective buyer an entitlement to purchase that land before a specified date.

Enter the name of the solicitor or other person acting as agent on behalf of the purchaser. Solicitors or legal conveyancers can submit your return online and pay any tax due once we:. You do not pay SDLT if you buy a property in: Do not answer this question if you answered either questions 49, 50 or the first part of Declaration Question 73 – declaration Signing the form for a client You may complete the return on behalf of a client but the purchaser is responsible for sdlt information given in the SDLT return and in any supplementary forms or schedules.

Online transactions that need extra forms The electronic SDLT5 sdl1t shows details of the first property address for any transaction. Enter the current date under the lease and complete the schedule if more than one lease.

If you sell or give away your previous main home within 3 years of buying your new home you can apply for a refund of the higher rate part of your SDLT bill. When the system tells you that you cannot add any more, give the additional details on a separate schedule for each additional property, seller or buyer and include the UTRN.